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Cowgirl Couture

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  • Posted on 12th Sep, 2022 12:15 PM

Whether home is on the range or the runway, this season is all about Western wear.

Getty + Design Leah Romero

As cooler weather starts to roll in, nothing feels more fall than cozying up in a trusty pair of boots and a denim blouse. Cowgirl Couture season has officially galloped in with a full-force howdy. But don’t let preconceived notions of poofy prairie dresses turn you off from Western wear. Contemporary iterations are much less bonnet and way more Beyoncé. Think: beautiful cream-colored Lucchese boots, sleek wide-brimmed Stetsons, and fringed shawls from Chanel. Below, six stories to get you in a Western state of mind—including a photo album of the country’s best Black rodeo queens, a guide to all things “disco” cowgirl, and an exclusive sit-down with country fashion cognoscente Shania Twain.

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