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Taylor Swift Wears Nude Mirrored Off-the-Shoulder Gown For TIFF

Taylor Swift Wears Nude Mirrored Off-the-Shoulder Gown For TIFF Image
  • Posted on 10th Sep, 2022 15:45 PM

Swift hinted she might be directing a feature film in future.

Taylor Swift arrived at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival on Friday wearing a stunning floor length gown made of nude fabric with a gold sheen and covered all over with mirrored details. The bust was essentially sleeveless, with gold hardware forming an off-the-shoulder lattice that draped over the pop icon's collar bones and arms.

Swift had her long blonde hair down, and wore a glamorous smokey eye with a coral lip. She had on a pair of small gold earrings.


The musical artist attended TIFF for a screening of her short film All Too Well on 35 mm, which has also served as a music video for her re-recording of the song of the same name. She wrote, directed, produced, and makes a brief appearance in the film, which stars Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink of Stranger Things.


The screening was paired with a TIFF panel called In Conversation With... Taylor Swift, during which Swift hinted she'd consider directing a full-length film, saying, “If it were the right thing, it would be such a privilege and honor…I will always want to tell human stories about human emotion.”

She continued, “It’s really beautiful that we’re in a place where the idea of a female filmmaker doesn’t make you roll your eyes or think as skeptically as it once was.”

The artist has had a lot of input on her videos over the years, which have grown increasingly layered and full of references her biggest fans love interpreting.

“I didn’t go to film school. I’ve been on the set of around 60 music videos and I’ve learned a lot from that process,” Swift explained. “But when I did it on my own, I really began to learn everything, because you have to.”

Swift has directed videos for her hits “The Man,” “Cardigan,” and “Willow.”

“It was always a part of the process, establishing visuals,” she added. “The more responsibility I took on, the happier I was.”

The process of making All Too Well was a much longer one, according to Variety, and it took years for it to come together.

“For me, the song was so tough because it was about something that at that point was very current for me,” she said. “I would have a really hard time performing it at the time. I had to really like force myself to focus on other things to try to get through it during tour. So there would, there would be no world in which I could have made a visual element to that song at that time. I needed ten years of retrospect in order to know what I would even make to to tell a version of that story visually. And I’m so grateful that I was able to do that with some crazy stroke of all these different twists of fate.”

Swift is releasing her next album Midnights on October 21.

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